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DPTE® Beta Containers

DPTE® containers range
DPTE® Beta Stainless Steel Container Racks
DPTE® Beta Stainless Steel Containers

DPTE® Beta Containers

Safely transfer material from one containment area to another

Stainless steel or polyethylene DPTE® Beta Containers allow for safe transfer into and out of a barrier system in various life science applications. The Getinge DPTE® rapid transfer system is based on the interaction of an Alpha part with a Beta part – each fitted with a door, a lock and a sealing function. 


Transfer of sterile or toxic products in and out of barrier systems is one of the most critical aspects of pharmaceutical production and is necessary to protect both operator and product. Canisters are used to bring in, remove, or transfer material from one environment to another, without breaking containment.

Getinge produces a range of:

  • standard polyethylene containers,
  • standard to customized stainless steel containers,
  • standard to customized stainless steel racks,
  • container accessories.

Only original DPTE® alpha and beta parts together form a validated aseptic transfer solution.

Compatibility with DPTE® Alpha RTP port

Minimize the risk of microbial contamination associated with operator contact during the manufacturing process with DPTE® Beta Containers. These canisters are compatible with Getinge DPTE® Alpha flange of the same diameter. The Alpha and Beta parts fit together with a patented, leak-tight locking method, meaning the integrity of the transfer operation cannot be broken.

DPTE® Beta Stainless Steel and Polyethylene Containers Autoclavable Containers

Autoclavable, gamma or H202 sterilizable containers

Depending on the material, DPTE® Transfer Containers can be safely sterilized using steam, gamma or H2O2 sterilization.

The reusable PE/HDPE containers and the material within the container can be sterilized using gamma irradiation or bio-decontaminated with H2O2 to ensure a safe material transfer process.

The reusable stainless steel containers are engineered for steam sterilization processes. An integrated hydrophobic sterile filter allows for steam to enter the container, maintaining sterile conditions after the sterilization process. Stainless steel containers may also be biodecontaminated with H2O2, if necessary.

DPTE® Beta Stainless Steel Container Racks

Load, sterilize and unload safely your equipment and components

The optional racks provide you with a solution for efficient and ergonomic loading and unloading of components, tools, etc. Items are held securely in place inside the container, enabling complete access by steam during autoclaving, leaving no hidden zones so that steam and air can circulate efficiently.

dpte-container-ss-rack-glide-system-270-350x250.jpg dpte-container-ss-rack-telescopic-system-270-350x250.jpg dpte-container-ss-rack-roller-system-270-350x250.jpg dpte-container-ss-rack-configurable-components-270-350x250.jpg dpte-container-ss-rack-customized-203011-002-350x250.jpg

Glide System

The only rack available for all levels of container. This rounded basket can handle stoppers, caps, etc. The basket can be pulled out of the container to move the parts directly into the hopper of the filling line.

Telescopic System

The basket can be pulled out of the container but remains attached to it. The operator has access to the full rack space.

Roller System

The basket slides on a rail and can be separated from the container. The operator can easily use it outside the container.

Configurable Rack

A perforated plate adapted to the length and diameter of the container, the configurable rack can handle variably sized components using repositionable spacers and pins. This rack provides a useful solution adaptable to an almost infinite variety of items of equipment.

Customized Rack

The example shown was designed for a complete toolset including funnel, scissors, spouts, etc. Other potential loads include machine parts, small tools for environmental monitoring, needles, and petri plates.

DPTE® Transfer Trolley with Stainless Steel Containers


Getinge offers standard and customized accessories to optimize your sterile transfer and ensure safe operations.

  • Transport and docking trolley for DPTE® Beta Containers
  • Stainless steel racks for transferring filling pump needles, plugs, Petri dishes, etc. inside the container
  • Protective rings for container seals to protect seals during sterilization
  • Lifting pressure cover
  • Door-opening key
  • Polyethylene cover accessory

Technical data

Available sizes
  105 mm 190 mm 270 mm 350 mm 460 mm
DPTE® Stainless steel container
DPTE® PE Container  ●
DPTE® Beta Containers stainless steel
   Ø 300 mm 400 mm 500 mm 600 mm 700 mm


1. Standard containers, autoclavable*

270    ●      


2. Semi-standard containers, autoclavable and H202 sterilizable



3. Customizable containers using pre-designed parts

270  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●
350  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●

4. Customized containers and inserts, dimensions, parts and finishing to customers' requirements - contact our Sales Team

* Ø 105 and Ø 460 are part of our range, please contact our Sales Team

DPTE® Beta Containers and Racks compatibility


1- Standard

2- Semi-Standard

3- Configurable

4- Customized

Glide system
Telescopic system  
Roller system  
Configurable rack  
Customized rack  



Sterile transfer

Safely transfer materials around your facility without breaking containment and sterility. With DPTE® Containers, you can safely separate the process from the environment to support the basic principle of isolation or barrier technology in injectable drug production.

Stopper and closure processing

Closures, rubber stoppers and plungers are a vital part of the drug administration system. Getinge equipment washes and sterilizes these stoppers and closures, and keeps them clean, sterile and dry.

The DPTE® system provides a proven method of maintaining sterility when transferring sterile components into a filling line.

Sterility testing

Be certain about your sterile products. Contamination of samples during sterility testing can be a costly problem, leading to false positive test results. Getinge’s sterility testing isolators and patented DPTE® sterile transfer systems provide a safe and sterile self-contained environment for the most critical steps of the testing process.