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HCU 40 Heater-Cooler Unit

Heart-Lung machine transparent background
Heater-Cooler Unit product photo
Heater-cooler unit HCU 40 in hospital environment

HCU 40 Heater-Cooler Unit

Easy, rapid and precise temperature control are essential requirements for a hypo-/hyperthermia unit for use during extracorporeal circulation


Easy, rapid and precise temperature control are essential requirements for a hypo-/hyperthermia unit for use during extracorporeal circulation. Getinge’s HCU 40 combines the latest proven technology with outstanding performance and unique usability.

The HCU 40 from Maquet includes two independent water circuits. The first circuit can supply temperature controlled water to the oxygenator blood heat exchanger and to warming/ cooling blankets. The second circuit provides temperature controlled water to the cardioplegia heat exchanger.

The water tank for the patient and cardioplegia circuits is divided into two parts to ensure quick temperature adjustments at the outlets. In addition, it shines with exceptional cooling capacity through its fast ice-building technique using highly effective cooling plates and a powerful compressor. The device is equipped with extremely large capacity heaters and intelligent electronic management of the heating and cooling components.


  • Independent temperature control of the patient and cardioplegia via separated water circuits
  • Up to three external devices can be used simultaneously
  • Fast and accurate temperature adjustment made possible by the split tank and automatically controlled mixing valve
  • Reduced patient cooling times due to the exceptional cooling capacity of the highly effective ice-building system
  • Silent operation – most surgeries can be performed without a running compressor
  • Independent and precise flow control of the circuits allow the option of locating the unit outside the OR
  • Minimized patient rewarming time due to the outstanding heating capacity and intelligent electronic management

  • Gradient mode for physiologically optimized heating and cooling
  • Proven patient safety and operating reliability ensured by the sophisticated electrical safety concept
  • Simplified operation thanks to the user-friendly, flexible Control Unit with touch screen display
  • Extremely short setup time required due to fast priming and automatic de-airing
  • Polished stainless steel cabinet – easy to clean and damage resistant
  • Easy to maneuvre using smooth running castor wheels with foot-lever operated brakes
  • Hansen-quick couplings with icons facilitate fast and clear connection of oxygenator and cardioplegia heat exchangers
  • Convenient and effective emptying of external devices