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Getinge Isoflex-S Isolators

ISOFLEX-S Isolator
Operator working in an ISOFLEX-S Isolator

Getinge Isoflex-S Isolators

A transparent PVC wall modular isolator, providing a panoramic view of the working area.

Getinge Isoflex-S isolators combine the robustness of a 316L stainless steel working base with the comfort of working with glove sleeves on a flexible wall.


Regulatory agencies require sterility testing of pharmaceutical products to ensure a sterile batch. The testing must be conducted in a controlled sterile environment to ensure reliable test results.

Getinge Isoflex-S Isolators provide a safe and controlled environment for reliable testing procedures. Compared to a cleanroom, isolators reduce the space that must be aseptically controlled. Isolators provide greater control over the process and the ability to immediately detect sources of contamination.

ISOFLEX-S Isolator

Flexible and mobile

Getinge Isoflex-S isolators are lightweight and mobile. Castors facilitate movement and connection to other isolators or filling lines using Getinge’s patented DPTE® system. With its integrated H2O2 generator, the isolator can be used as a mobile bio-decontamination unit for flexible operations around the facility. 

Operator working in an ISOFLEX-S Isolator

User-friendly operations

The transparent PVC canopy on four sides provides a panoramic view and 360° visibility of the working area, tools, and components. A flexible wall isolator improves access to the interior as the operator can push against the wall. The base of the isolator is constructed from solid, polished 316L stainless steel for easy and efficient cleaning.

Modular design

Getinge Isoflex-S is available in three- or four-glove configurations. The three-glove isolator is designed for one operator and offers a large storage capacity. The four-glove configuration provides working capabilities for two operators simultaneously. The DPTE© Transfer System can be installed in the base of the isolator and at both ends, instead of the standard lateral doors, increasing contamination control.


Validated process control and traceability

Both the isolator and integral bio-decontamination unit are controlled by a single Siemens PLC control system. The system monitors and records process-critical parameters that can be sent to a printer, remote PC (option), or stored in the customer network through SCADA integration (option). The color touchscreen control panel provides intuitive and easy operation. Through the HMI, authorized users can set process parameters that operators can easily monitor during the process.


Reliable sterility testing

False positive sterility testing results are a costly problem. Getinge’s isolator and sterile transfer solutions support a reliable and efficient sterility testing process.

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