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Isolator Manipulation Devices

Getinge glove system
Operator working in an isolator
Getinge glove system
Getinge glove system

Isolator Manipulation Devices

Fitted to Getinge isolators


Depending on the application, Getinge La Calhène isolators can be provided with different manipulation systems adapting access to the process inside the isolator to the operator's hand.

Manipulation of the process or maintenance is achieved by the operator through the utilization of glove-sleeves or glove systems for optimal ergonomics and optimal freedom of motion.

The Glove-Sleeve provides protection and easy maintenance. It is the combination of a replaceable sleeve and a glove which can be changed over without breaking the containment, using an O'ring.The whole system is designed for use with the GLT Glove Leak Tester to provide a complete package that is safe, comfortable, practical and validatable.

The AD system is an advanced push-through glove system that provides a method for rapid changing of gloves and accessories while minimizing the risk of breaking containment. It is a combination of glove ports, gloves and ejection tools. The system is easy to use since it was specially designed for the human arm and utilizes the complete length of the glove. The class 1 leak tightness (NF62200 standard) of this device is a guarantee of protection for the operator, with continuous containment of the seals at all times. The AD system can be used with additional accessories such as sleeves and bags.

Fitted to Getinge isolators

Changeable without breaking containment

Comfortable and ergonomic


Sterility testing

The Glove Sleeve System is an important part of the sterility testing, giving the user access inside the isolator.
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