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MECC-i for Cardiohelp System

MECC-i product

MECC-i for Cardiohelp System

Pioneering minimized perfusion.


Minimized extracorporeal circulation (MECC) with the Cardiohelp System makes cardiopulmonary support during heart surgery to be less a strain for the patient compared to a conventional cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB).

With the compact, integral design of the Quadrox-iR Oxygenator/Pump Module, the priming volume and blood surface contact are kept as small as possible. Combined with the exceptionally small pressure drop and Bioline Coating of all disposables, blood trauma is reduced.

MECC’s compact and less invasive approach has opened the door to concerted interaction between surgeon, perfusionist, and anaesthesiologist resulting in optimized patient management.

The MECC-i for Cardiohelp-i is an even further minimized and integrated solution when compared to the well-established MECC Set with the Quadrox-i Oxygenator.

The MECC-i Set includes the Quadrox-iR oxygenator, which comes with an integrated centrifugal pump and with or without an integrated arterial filter, the VBT 160 Venous Bubble Trap and cannulae of choice. The set is provided with Bioline Coating from tip to tip.

Maquet MECC-i Set

The Maquet MECC-i Set is characterized by various technical and practical specifications:

  • Excellent air-handling capability
  • Reduced foreign surface contact
  • Active venous drainage
  • Minimal priming volume
  • Increased biocompatibility