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Self-Seal Sterilization Pouch

Getinge Self-Seal Sterilization pouch
Getinge self-seal sterilization pouch
Getinge instrument dental sterilization

Self-Seal Sterilization Pouch

Self-Seal Sterilization Pouches provide fast and secure solution for small clinics and dental practices.

Getinge Pack Self-Seal Sterilization Pouches are intended for use at steam, ethylene oxide and formaldehyde sterilizers and provide an effective and safe solution against recontamination after sterilization.


Self-Sealing Sterilization Pouches offer a best-in-class combination of protection, convenience and processing efficiency. Pre-fold design facilitates a fast and accurate folding of the adhesive strip to form an airtight seal without the use of a heat sealer.

Product Ranges

Self-Seal Sterilization Pouch

Getinge Pack Self-Seal Pouches are pre-folded and assure accurate and fast closure without the requirement of heat sealing machines. A wide range of standard sizes allows you for optimum choice of a correct-sized pack for each instrument and for double packing purposes.

Getinge Self-Seal Sterilization pouch

Product Specification

Self-Seal Sterilization Pouches are constructed of medical grade paper and transparent laminated multilayer PET/PP copolymer film heat sealed on three sides. The fourth side has an adhesive strip to close the pouch.

After exposure to steam, ethylene oxide or formaldehyde sterilization, Type 1 chemical indicators printed on medical paper surface will provide a clear and accurate visual confirmation by color changing, indicating that sterilization conditions were met.

Getinge Pack Self-Seal Sterilization Pouches are CE marked, FDA 510(k) cleared and in compliance with ISO 11607-1, ISO 11140-1 and EN 868-5.

High-temperature resistant adhesive strip for closure

Reinforced film for easy peel

Triple band seal for higher package integrity

Accurate & non-toxic chemical process indicators

Technical data

Order No


Box content


Self-Seal Sterilization Pouch, 9 cm x 13 cm

30 packs of 200 pouches


Self-Seal Sterilization Pouch, 9 cm x 23 cm

25 packs of 200 pouches


Self-Seal Sterilization Pouch, 10 cm x 28 cm

15 packs of 200 pouches


Self-Seal Sterilization Pouch, 13 cm x 38 cm

6 packs of 200 pouches


Self-Seal Sterilization Pouch, 14 cm x 28 cm

14 packs of 200 pouches


Self-Seal Sterilization Pouch, 15 cm x 30 cm

14 packs of 200 pouches


Self-Seal Sterilization Pouch, 20 cm x 41 cm

3 packs of 200 pouches


Self-Seal Sterilization Pouch, 25 cm x 38 cm

3 packs of 200 pouches


Self-Seal Sterilization Pouch, 30 cm x 45 cm

3 packs of 200 pouches


Self-Seal Sterilization Pouch, 33 cm x 46 cm

1 pack of 200 pouches