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Ventilating ICU patients using Flow anesthesia machines

Improve your knowledge on our anesthesia machines, Flow-i, Flow-c and Flow-e, that use the same core ventilation technology as the Servo ICU ventilators.

Flow-i eLearning

Flow-c eLearning

Flow-e eLearning

Anesthesia Training Material

Realize your full potential with superior ventilation performance

Our Flow Anesthesia Machines can help you avoid perioperative ventilatory complications and potential longer recoveries, especially for the growing number of high risk patients.

Getinge Flow ventilation performance

Ventilation performance

The Flow Anesthesia family was created by the engineers behind the world-class Servo ventilator platform. The innovative technology at the heart of the our anesthesia machines ensures superior ventilation performance. 

Getinge Flow-e

Preventing hypoxic mixtures

An active hypoxic guard system intervenes if the clinician has not taken action before the O2 level in the inspired gas drops below 21%. The active hypoxic guard will then override the clinician’s settings, preventing further delivery of hypoxic mixtures.

Unique O2Guard explained, reducing the risk of hypoxia during anesthesia

Getinge (Maquet Critical Care AB) has developed a unique hypoxic guard that actively intervenes, adjusting the O2 concentration and fresh gas flow, should the oxygen level fall below 21% in the inspired gas (FIO2). Conventional guards only trigger an alarm.

Stepwise and automatic lung recruitment

With the anesthesia machines, Flow-i and Flow-e, you have the option to choose stepwise automatic or manual recruitment maneuver. Whichever you choose, the lung recruitment function is designed with safety and ease-of-use in mind.