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Visual Fatigue & Surgical Lights

Join us on June 7th, 2022!

Online event


Illuminance is a different concept from the “quality” of lighting. Surgical lighting must provide both a sufficient amount of light and optimal quality for adequate color rendering and contrast of the surgical field.

A study carried out by the Léon-Bérard cancer center in Lyon identifies visual fatigue that must be taken into account for the comfort of the operating room staff. 

This program aims to understand the impact of visual fatigue, and propose various recommendations for healthcare professionals working in the operating room.

Join our speakers, Dr Patrice Peyrat from the Léon Bérard Center Lyon- France, and Jean-Pierre Breysse from Getinge for this 60 minutes webinar on June 7th, 2022. 

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Maquet Volista Surgical Light

A successful surgical outcome is highly dependent upon the surgeon’s ability to visualize and assess the wound.

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Maquet PowerLED II                          Surgical Light

Driving surgical efficiency to the next level.

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Brighter lighting isn't necessarily better

Most people have experienced the symptoms of visual fatigue: eyes that feel sore, itchy, or dry. Sometimes our bodies compensate by producing excess tears, causing visual impairment.

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Reducing visual fatigue in the OR

Reducing contrast between the surgical site and surrounding areas improve comfort and visual performance. The most effective surgical lighting will provide a gradual transition between the illuminated area and the operating room lighting to reduce eyestrain.

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