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Getinge Flow-i

Realize your full potential with superior ventilation performance

Getinge Flow-i

Protect the lung and reduce postoperative complications

Our Flow Anesthesia Machines can help you avoid perioperative ventilatory complications and potential longer recoveries, especially for the growing number of high risk patients.

High sensitivity and accuracy help you deliver the same quality of care for all lung conditions. Semi-automated recruitment maneuvers make it even easier to deliver lung protective ventilation.

"There is no other anesthesia ventilator."

The Cardiothoracic Dept at Sahlgrenska Hospital in Sweden chose the Flow-i anesthesia machine for its outstanding ventilation performance. As far as Flow-i goes, Dr. Westerlind concludes, “There is no other anesthesia ventilator."

Patient case: 393 g neonate successfully ventilated with Flow-i

A premature infant weighing only 393 g (13.9 oz) was successfully anesthetized and ventilated with a Flow-i anesthesia machine during major abdominal surgery. Today, she is a healthy little girl.

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How our Flow anesthesia machines help deliver high ventilation performance

High sensitivity and accuracy thanks to our Servo technology

The advanced and well-proven Servo gas modules are integrated into the Flow  anesthesia machines to provide high ventilatory capabilities. This helps regulate pressure and flow accurately within the same breath and helps you respond to each individual patient’s pulmonary needs.

Safe low-flow anesthesia without interruptions, even during leakage

Our Volume Reflector technology replaces traditional bag-in-bottle and piston-operated systems. The Volume Reflector never empties while sustaining accuracy and responsiveness, even during low-flow anesthesia. To minimize the risk of hypoxia, the breathing circuit compensates with O during leakage and the OGuard reacts when FIO becomes dangerously low. 

Increased anesthetic control with fast wash-in and wash-out

A small system volume, along with powerful maintenance-free injection vaporizers, provides a fast wash-in and wash-out. This saves time during both induction and emergence.

Save anesthetic gas, money and be kinder to the environment

The Volume Reflector technology allows for 98% of expired gases to be re-breathed. This increases cost savings on agent and gas usage with low- and minimal-flow practices.

Low-flow anesthesia can also be automated safely, to make it easier for the  anesthesiologist.

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