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Lung recruitment maneuvers

Lung recruitment maneuvers
- gentle steps against atelectasis

Our lung recruitment maneuvers have become the tool of choice to counter atelectasis, to improve oxygenation and help prevent postoperative complications. What once was considered complex and time consuming is now seamlessly integrated into your workflow. [1] [2]

Available for our anesthesia machines Flow-i and Flow-e.

Having a choice gives you flexibility with each patient

You have the option to choose stepwise automatic or manual recruitment maneuver. Whichever you choose, the lung recruitment function is designed with safety and ease-of-use in mind.

Gentle steps against atelectasis

Atelectasis affects over 90% of patients undergoing surgery, regardless of gender, age, health condition or length of surgery, showing the importance of protecting patients’ lungs.[3] 

Lung recruitment maneuvers have become the tool of choice to counter atelectasis.[2] Still, many clinicians find it somewhat complicated and time-consuming to apply lung protective strategies - but it doesn't have to be.

Below you can read more about our anesthesia maschines lung recuriment maneuvers.

Visualizing each breath in real time gives you the critical information you need

Throughout the recruitment maneuver, EIP, PEEP and Cdyn are displayed breath by breath in real time, allowing you to easily assess your patients’  compliance changes.

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More unique innovations for our anesthesia machines

With our flow anesthesia technology you can easily ensure the perfect flow for each patient, finetuning anaesthesia delivery in real time, breath by breath.

Safe low-flow anesthesia AGC

Automatic Gas Control

O2Guard - active hypoxia prevention


MAC Brain

MAC Brain

ICU ventilation performance and anesthesia delivery

Ventilation performance

Flow-i anesthesia machine

Flow-i anesthesia machine
- our intelligent model

Flow-i is the intelligent workstation, a highly advanced anesthesia machine offering superior ventilation performance, decision support features, a wider range of settings of flows and pressures, and the innovative AGC option. Flow-i provides safe, personalized and cost-efficient care,also for the most challenging patients. Available in three versions, it’s a dynamic solution, including a heightadjustable model, and a pendant model suspended from the ceiling.

Flow-e anesthesia machine

Flow-e anesthesia machine
- our extended model

Flow-e is the extended, flexible workstation for dynamic anesthesia delivery. Featuring Getinge’s proprietary innovations, the machine ensures safe, personalized care for a wide range of patients. With a larger worktop, more storage space, and generous mounting possibilities for auxiliary equipment, Flow-e can be customized to match your needs and preference in safe treatment for patients.

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