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Business Ethics

The trust and confidence of our employees, customers, subcontractors and other stakeholders is decisive for our business' continued success.

Code of Conduct

Across Getinge, we show responsible leadership of the medtech field every day. With a promise to always act with honesty, fairness and integrity.

Access our Code of Conduct here

Speak Up

Getinge is committed to a culture of openness, integrity and accountability. We expect and encourage all employees, suppliers and other business partners to report any suspected or observed violations of law or our Code of Conduct.

Speak Up Line

Supplier Code of Conduct

To ensure that our Code of Conduct is also upheld in the supply chain, all suppliers must in the contract pledge to comply  with the requirements in  Code of Conduct.

Conflict minerals

We are committed to having a conflict-free supply chain. When conflict minerals are used, we will scrutinize our supply chain to ensure that these minerals are supplied by conflict-free sources.

UN Global Compact

Getinge has signed the UN Global Compact and supports the ten principles on human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption.

Annual Report

Read more about our sustainability efforts in our Annual Report.