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Getinge — Together as one

We are the devices you rely on for optimal patient care and the brands you know and respect. We are the skilled technicians that keep it all functioning and the educators that expand your knowledge and help you explore new technologies.

Working together as one, we are proud to be your trusted partner working for you, and with you, to make a difference in the lives of your patients everyday.

A family of solutions

As Getinge has grown as a company over the years, so has our brand portfolio. That portfolio continues to be united by the belief that saving lives is, without question, the greatest job in the world. As a leading medtech company, we focus every talent and resource toward helping our customers save as many lives as possible. Now, to strengthen our customer-centric offering, we’re unifying our array of trusted brands and combining all of our talent and resources under the Getinge master brand.

Hospital holding hands

Intensive care

We strive to help you improve outcomes in intensive care. The intensive care unit (ICU) is a critical and costly environment. We focus on developing user-friendly and reliable solutions to help you provide better, cost-effective patient outcomes for difficult-to-treat patients.

Cardiovascular procedures

For more than 40 years, we have shared the goal of improving your cardiac surgery service. Discover how Getinge innovations can help you enhance patient care, reduce operational costs and contribute to a positive patient experience.

Operating room

The modern OR is the core of the hospital, the intersection of many professional disciplines, each with unique needs. Multifunctional, cross-disciplinary surgical suites can improve efficiency, enhance patient care and keep costs under control.

Sterile reprocessing

Getinge is the expert in creating a seamless workflow of instrument reprocessing. We can help you develop the most efficient and cost-effective workflow to streamline the process from the moment the instruments have been used, to the moment when they are safe and ready to be used again.

Life Science

Getinge Life Science brings together a comprehensive offering of equipment, technical expertise, and consultative services. Together, these solutions meet both common and highly specialized process needs for contamination prevention in biopharmaceutical production, biomedical research, heat sensitive goods manufacturing, and laboratory applications.

Getinge OEM manufacturing

OEM Medical Collagen Solutions

Getinge has been manufacturing Bovine Type I (GBR-1 rated) Collagen for medical grade applications for more than 30 years. Our collagen matrix has been used as a component in vascular closure devices and as coatings for textile vascular grafts among other applications. ISO 13485-2016 certified.

See the movie about how we work together as one.

See the movie about how we work together as one.

Operating Rooms and Sterile Reprocessing Overview

One of the few constants in healthcare today is change, which is dramatically altering surgical workflows. Getinge understands the challenges you and your team face to help reduce risk — and gives skilled professionals the knowledge and tools they need to save lives — and maintain the highest quality of care - before, during and after surgery.

Getinge Intensive Care and Cardiovascular Procedures

Regardless of the procedure or therapy in the OR, Cath Lab or ICU, Getinge’s passion for life — only equaled by your own — reveals itself in everything we make and everything we do. Find out how Getinge partners with you to help improve patient outcomes and enhance quality of life across many different acute care therapies.

Our ability to deliver solutions that can help enhance and save lives — today and into the future — is built on our rich heritage, extending back to 1838. Discover our innovative history of healing, and what it can do for you today.

Going forward

Growing and building on established strengths, with a focus on Surgical Workflows and Acute Care Therapies.