Getinge Named Among Top Workplaces for Next Generation of Professional Leaders
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Getinge Named Among Top Workplaces for Next Generation of Professional Leaders

Getinge Named Among Top Workplaces for Next Generation of Professional Leaders

Company included in list of “Top 100 Next Gen Workplaces” developed by leading early career recruitment platform RippleMatch following a comprehensive assessment of corporate cultures, benefits and programs that support team training and mentoring.

Getinge was named among the Top 100 Next-Gen Workplaces in the annual listing announced December 8, 2021, by RippleMatch, the leading early career recruiting platform.  The list recognizes “The Top Workplaces for The Next Generation of Talent” and is based on a review of factors including a company’s investment in professional training and development, benefits, and commitment to diversity and inclusion.

“Throughout our history, and especially as we have faced the challenges introduced by the COVID-19 pandemic, Getinge has worked to offer the highest levels of support in many areas that are essential to building the new generation of leaders in all areas of our work,”  said Eric Honroth, President of North America for Getinge.  “This designation as a top workplace for younger professionals is a reflection of our company-wide efforts to offer young professionals the support and resources they need to excel.”

The RippleMatch list of Top 100 Next Gen Workplaces is developed based on data showing the corporate programs and attributes that are most valued by younger “Generation Z” professionals.  Companies considered for recognition must have a strong commitment to nurturing and growing the careers of their employees, mentorship opportunities, training programs and clear paths for expanded responsibility and upward mobility.  Company’s must also demonstrate a culture of inclusivity and offer benefits that help support both physical and mental health and empower employees. 

In its review of the criteria that support Getinge’s inclusion in the Top 100 Next-Gen Workplaces listing, RippleMatch cited the success of the Company’s internship program and focus on team training, strong employee retention rates, opportunities for collaborative partnerships, open communication and networking that includes opportunities to interface with senior professionals including members of the Executive Leadership Team.

“In addition to continually refining and expanding our training and career development programs, we are also taking steps to make sure our company offers the levels of flexibility and career control that younger professionals want and that can inspire new levels of innovation and productivity,”  said Alessandra Aguila, Vice President, Human Resources, North America. “For example, Getinge’s new Smart Workplaces program is providing unprecedented opportunities for our employees to choose a work schedule that meets their needs while also making it possible for us to meet or even exceed our goals in terms of industry leadership, innovation and customer support.”