Thirty years of providing service for Getinge solutions
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Thirty years of providing service for Getinge solutions

Thirty years of providing service for Getinge solutions

Ricky Farr has been working with service at Getinge for more than 30 years. Even though a lot has changed throughout the years, the company’s soul and brand promise, Passion For Life, remains – and it’s the same for Ricky who does everything for his customers.

Becoming a service technician within medtech was at first not a given for Ricky Farr. It was a friend of his, a radiologist, who suggested that he apply for a job where he could work with medical equipment.

“I didn’t end up signing a contract for that specific role, but we had a good conversation and two years later they called me back for another service position. This was at a company that would, eventually, be acquired by Getinge,” says Ricky and smiles.

Today, he has spent no less than 30 years as a Getinge service technician; a job carried out in close collaboration with our customers.

“I’m based in Belfast and most of my jobs are at hospitals across Northern Ireland, though at times they can be much further away. The customers all know me well, we have formed strong relationships throughout the years and I am always willing to go the extra mile for them.”

He likes the variety of the job, being out at up to 10 different hospitals in one week. For Ricky, no two days look the same.

“There is, of course, always a plan in place, but when working in service it’s not always possible to stick to it. You need to be very flexible and responsive. When medical staff need something they need it quickly, to be able to perform their important job.”

Ricky has worked with many of the Getinge solutions, and has expert skills for service and training when it comes to the user and the technical side. Today, he mainly works with ventilators, anesthesia machines, operating tables, surgical lights and pendants.

“I am proud to be out there representing our solutions that are known for high quality. They are a big part of helping medical teams save more lives.”

During recent years, Ricky thinks it has become very apparent Getinge’s brand promise Passion For Life shines through.

“It feels important to be part of the major engagement of medical device manufacturers, to help solve the pandemic health care challenges together with colleagues and our fantastic customers. They are literally standing on the frontline facing this virus, doing all in their power to beat it. Anything we can do to make their life easier along the way is part of that passion.”

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