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A family man with a passion for OR tables

A family man with a passion for OR tables

With five children, six grandchildren and responsibility for 200 operating tables, Getinge’s service technician Peter Nietschmann has few gaps in his calendar. Since family life and servicing integral hospital equipment are his two main passions, this lifestyle suits him perfectly.

Peter Nietschmann grew up south of Berlin in Germany. After apprenticeships focusing on electric and pneumatic systems, he started working as a service technician and soon discovered that this was an ideal career path.

 “I like change and that you never know exactly what tomorrow brings. New challenges, new people every day. What more can you ask for?”

Getinge’s operating room (OR) tables are his main products. In all, Peter keeps about 200 OR tables inside and north of Berlin up and running.

“Being specialized in a certain area makes it easier for me to assist the customers swiftly and accurately since I know these products so well. It always makes me happy to hear that they appreciate the quality of our OR tables,” Peter says.

Helping health care staff solve challenges and make their work days easier is something Peter feels very passionate about.

“After many years in the business I know the customers and the hospitals I cover extremely well. Being quite independent enables me to use my experience to make the right priorities and ensure they get all the support they need to keep up the fantastic work they are doing in the OR,” he says.

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