Twenty years of weaving polyester vascular grafts
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Twenty years of weaving polyester vascular grafts

Twenty years of weaving polyester vascular grafts

Entering his 20[th] year with Getinge, Gaël Fayolle’s passion remains the same – to continue producing high quality products that help health care providers treat patients worldwide.

Gaël Fayolle started his career at Getinge after graduating in textiles, with a specialization in weaving. Today, he is a senior technician responsible for the weaving aspect in the production of vascular grafts.

“I work in Getinge’s La Ciotat production site in southern France where we make polyester vascular grafts and patches; critical products used by health care providers to treat aortic and peripheral vascular diseases,” says Gaël.

Compared to a traditional weaving workshop, the production unit maintains high standards for cleanliness because the thread will be woven into medical devices.

“Since we produce devices that will help surgeons improve people’s lives, there is no room for mistakes. Our common passion here in La Ciotat is to consistently make quality products,” explains Gaël.

Daily, Gaël manages set-up, as well as observes and maintains the looms; the weaving equipment.

“All of our staff are in one way or another specialized in textiles,” he says. “It is a profession requiring steady hands to manage the weaving process and good eyes to pay attention to small details.”

Gaël enjoys the variety of tasks at work and the good collaboration with his colleagues.

“We are all part of the improvement work; team spirit is excellent; and we have a great deal of fun. I think we all feel the positive force that comes from making a true difference, together.”

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