Sewing for life in La Ciotat
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Sewing for life in La Ciotat

Sewing for life in La Ciotat

As a senior seamstress at the Getinge production site in La Ciotat, France, Aurélia Lungu does not count how many polyester vascular grafts she sews per day. Instead, she counts the number of patient treatments she enables.

For eight years, Aurélia Lungu has been a seamstress at Getinge in La Ciotat, France, part of the team that produces quality polyester grafts and patches to treat individuals with aortic and peripheral vascular diseases.

“It starts with a reel of thread and finishes with a high-quality medical device, a vascular graft used in the treatment of hundreds of patients per day,” Aurélia said. “That’s how I summarize my days; by thinking of how many potential patients each newly created solution can reach.”

There are many crucial steps to consider before the thread is ultimately turned into a graft. Aurélia’s role is in sewing. As a senior seamstress, she is both a skilled sewer and coordinator of a team in the sewing workshop.

“As with many other parts of the production, our [work] is performed in a strict and controlled environment where we are fully gowned with protective clothing – a clean room,” Aurélia said. “We sew different types of polyester graft parts together to produce specialty grafts for surgeons. It’s a detailed handicraft where you need to be very accurate.”

Since the production site ramped up capacity to better meet the global demands for these solutions, days have been getting busier for Aurélia and her colleagues. However, they welcome the time, as this means the solutions that they help create will reach more patients in need.

“At Getinge, we always have our brand promise ‘Passion for Life’ close to heart and I am happy to be part of that,” she said. “I love my job, and the fact that I am part of improving people’s health definitely brings everything to a whole other level. It makes me feel like I am contributing to something truly meaningful.”

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