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A sustainable offer

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EcoDesign is a core part of Getinge’s sustainability efforts. It enables us to take the environmental impact over a product’s entire life cycle into account; from extraction of raw materials to production, distribution and use, all the way to recycling and disposal. We have also has created a process for presenting the product’s environmental impact in a simple and useful way.

sustainable development goals

Supporting UN Sustainable Development Goals

The UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) point out the direction for our efforts. We have identified the goals that are the most relevant for our operations. Goal #3 “Good health and wellbeing” is directly connected with our products and solutions, but there is also a focus on goal #8 “Decent work and economic growth,” goal #12 “Responsible production and consumption” and goal #4 “Quality education.

Designing products for a sustainable health care

Through the EcoDesign principles, our products’ environmental impact over the product life cycle is taken into account: from extraction of raw materials to production, distribution and use, all the way to recycling and disposal.

This approach is becoming increasingly more important as the market requirements were changing towards product environmental aspects in purchasing by acute care hospitals, laboratories and larger industries.

Sustainability Program & Non-financial targets

Getinge’s Sustainability Program 2019-2024 is based on a materiality analysis where all parts of the business identified their impact on social and environmental aspects and set directions for the way forward.

The engagement level is summarized in eight non-financial targets, which cover emissions from production, emissions from company cars, energy in production, customer satisfaction, hazardous waste, non-hazardous waste, safe workplace and employee engagement.

Resp sourcing waste Stéphane Pendaries

Responsible sourcing

Sourcing and purchasing is an integrated part of our aim to minimize the environmental impact of our products. Environmental standards are evaluated together with quality regulations and price in the selection of suppliers. All suppliers have to comply with our Code of Conduct, and internal as well as third party audits and follow-ups are conducted.

Shaping the sterile workflows of tomorrow

The GSS610H Steam Sterilizer is an excellent example of how Getinge integrates sustainability in the product development. The sterilizer is designed to process a high volume of instruments in a short time – and since process time and media consumption is optimized for each load, the sterilizer also reduces the environmental impact.

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Solutions that enable discoveries of new vaccines by providing sterile environments and transfer solutions

As drug manufacturers race against the clock to find a cure to the coronavirus, it’s crucial that they can test and prepare the vaccines without risking contamination, as well as transfer sterile components for the production process in a safe way. A complete solution for this is offered from Getinge’s Life Science hub in French city Vendôme.

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Solution for safe preparations and sterile transfer of medicines

Sometimes in life we or our loved ones find ourselves in need of medicine. But rarely do we think about how the medicine got there safely, or what it took to prepare it without risking contamination. Listen to Julien Mansuy from one of Getinge’s Life Science hubs to find out what it takes.

Annual Report 2020

Getinge Annual Report 2020

Getinge reports our sustainability efforts in accordance with the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) standards. Read more in the Annual Report 2020.

Download the Annual Report 2020