Humber River Hospital - Lighting New Ways in Healthcare: A customer case story
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Humber River Hospital

Humber River Hospital

Lighting New Ways in Healthcare  - Customer Case Story

North America's First Fully Digital Hospital

Getinge MDRD at Humber River

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Innovation doesn't happen by accident - it's the result of careful planning, design, and execution. This is exemplified in the Sterile Processing Department of Humber River Hospital, which is fully supported by Getinge's most cutting-edge technology and automation solutions.

A Getinge partnership is more than products - it's about realizing a hospital's vision in a complete, future-proof solution - designing a department meant to withstand the test of time. Humber River Hospital utilizes some of the most unique and advanced Getinge Sterile Processing solutions including washer and sterilizer automation and multi-chamber washers.

Getinge MDRD at Humber River

From Concept to Reality

The Sterile Processing Department is at the heart of the hospital, serving as the last point of contact for instruments before they touch a patient. That's why it's critical that every element of the department from workflows, to equipment, to ergonomics, to consumables and instrument tracking is optimized.

That's why Humber River Hospital partnered with Getinge.

Partners in Sterile Processing Excellence

Case Story: A Getinge Sterile Processing Partnership

As North America's first fully-digital hospital, Humber River Hospital is constantly trailblazing new solutions across the healthcare continuum - and their Medical Device Reprocessing Department (MDRD) is no different. Getinge powers Humber River with some of the world's most advanced automation solutions and software, ensuring that every instrument is sterile for its next surgery. Workflow optimization is at the heart of this department - and Getinge is a proud partner to Humber River Hospital.

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Designing a department?
Renovating a department? 

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One of the main benefits that I considered when choosing to partner with Getinge is that everything is under one umbrella. We have the [Sterile Processing] equipment, we have the consumables, we have the instrument tracking software, and we have the technical team to support us. Throughout the entire project, everything that I needed was available from Getinge.

Matthew Thomas, Medical Device Reprocessing Manager

Video & Photo Gallery

Explore Humber River's Sterile Processing Department without ever leaving your desk.


Images of Getinge installed equipment in Humber River Hospital's medical device reprocessing department

Video Gallery

Video clips of Getinge washer/disinfectors and other equipment in action at Humber River Hospital

Washer Automation

See the washer automation in action.

Washer Trolley Maneuvering

One of Getinge's strongest advantages is ergonomics. View the ease of washer-trolley manuvering. 

Prep & Pack in Action

View a MDRD technician hard at work, prepping a set for the sterilizer. 

Instrument Cart to Trolley

View how instrument sets are automatically transfered to a trolley.

Instruments in Washer

View the powerful 86-series washer-disinfector in-action. 

Complex Instruments

Complex instruments in washer-disinfector. 

CM320 with Service Tech

CM320 is prominently featured in Humber River's soiled zone, and is essential to their workflow. 

9100-Series Close-Up

View our 9100-series cart washer close-up.

9100-Series Cart Washer In-Action

The 9100-series cart washer is designed for high-capacity spaces, and is critical to Humber River's workflow.

Sterilizer Trolley Maneuvering

Our trolleys are designed to minimize physical strain on staff. View just how smoothly they operate. 

T-DOC Scanning and Sterilizer

T-DOC provides Humber River with complete instrument tracability. Learn how T-DOC interfaces with Sterilizer loading.

T-DOC Scanning

View a technician utilizing T-DOC.

Sterlizer Automation

Humber River is one of the only facilities in Canada with Sterilizer Automation. 

Technician at Sink

Our sinks are the first stop for many instruments. View a technican utilizing them.


Humber River Hospital is one of the few facilities in North America utilizing the full capabilities of CM320. View the multi-chamber washer!

T-DOC Scan at Sink

View how a technican scans a high-priority tray at the sink.

86-Series Washer Automation

View how instruments travel from the sink to the washer via Getinge's Washer Automation. 

The Process

Building the perfect Sterile Processing Department is a complex process involving meticulous planning. Here's a snapshot of what went into building Humber River Hospital.

Planning & Design

2D drawings provide an overview of the workflow, the room functions and the proposed equipment’s placement and required space in the facility. 3D visualization help the space come to life, providing a realistic walk-through of how your future project will look. View this fly-through of the Humber River Hospital department


1. Decontamination

Receive, sort, pre-clean

After visual inspection, unclean items are either put straight on racks and loaded into the washer-disinfectors or manually cleaned.

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2. Prep and Pack

Inspect and pack

On leaving the washer-disinfector, the clean (but not sterile) goods enter the clean zone for sorting, inspection and packing.

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3. Sterile

From Sterilization to the OR

Sterile goods are stored on racks or in storage and distribution trolleys for further transport within the hospital.

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Getinge 86-series

A smarter range of washer-disinfectors for high-throughput reprocessing

Read more about Getinge 86-series

Ultrasonic Cleaners

Ultrasonic surgical instrument cleaning systems powered by Ultra Clean Systems, Inc. Distributed exclusively through Getinge.

Read more about Ultraclean Ultrasonic Cleaning Solutions

Getinge Automation System for washer-disinfectors

Fully automatic and highly flexible loading and transport system for 3-10 washer-disinfectors.

Read more about Getinge Automation System for washer-disinfectors

Cleaning Chemistries

Getinge Clean offers a complete, comprehensive range of instrument cleaning detergents and maintenance products to meet all your department needs, providing efficient and economical throughput along with maximum performance.

Read more about Cleaning Chemistries

Getinge GSS67N

The Getinge GSS67N Steam Sterilizer was designed with a simple concept in mind: make it easy for you to get more of what you’re looking for in a mid-size steam sterilizer by including clean steam capabilities plus the technology to reduce water and energy consumption at no extra cost.

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Getinge Automation System for Sterilizers (AGS)

Fully automatic and highly flexible loading and transport system for sterilizers.

Read more about Getinge Automation System for Sterilizers (AGS)

T-DOC 2000

T-DOC 2000 optimizes the sterile supply workflow by managing instruments, endoscopes, pre-sterile and non-sterile goods and delivering all articles on time while reducing costs and increasing patient safety. T-DOC can interface with hospital IT systems and manage large scale multi-sites.

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Getinge Online

Ensure the highest performance and availability of your Getinge equipment with Getinge Online, our connected solution that enables fast, proactive troubleshooting and ensures maximum equipment uptime and throughput

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Designing a department?
Renovating a department? 

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