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My life in your hands

My life in your hands

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Help ensure patient safety with
Getinge Care technical service

Behind every surgery, there is a team of people working together. Dedicated professionals counting on each other and their equipment to help save lives—and we at the Getinge Care team have your back. We are ready to support you with our experience, competency and patient focus. You can always count on us to take care of the equipment that takes care of people.

Which service plan option suits you the best?

Getinge can take full responsibility for your entire technical service operation or complement your Biomed team with expert know-how and workload relief. Whatever option serves you the best, we have the resources and skills to provide it.

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Stay in the know with Getinge Online

By keeping your Getinge central sterile devices connected, Getinge Online delivers data that enables you to keep a constant eye on your equipment and safeguard its uptime. It helps you predict replacement needs, check consumables levels, avoid unplanned downtime and maximize the output of your equipment.

Getinge Online works with any browser capable mobile device or PC via a secure web gateway - No app required! 

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The answer is always yes, the response is always quick. It’s just been an amazing partnership to help us take care of folks and keep our equipment running.

Thirty years of providing service for Getinge solutions

Ricky Farr has been working with service at Getinge for more than 30 years. Even though a lot has changed throughout the years, the company’s soul and brand promise, Passion For Life, remains – and it’s the same for Ricky who does everything for his customers.

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