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Applikon bioreactors

Applikon bioreactors
Applikon bioreactors
Applikon bioreactors
Applikon bioreactors

Applikon bioreactors

Applikon bioreactors can easily be configured to match your microbial or cell culture application. They allow your bioprocess to be scaled from initial discovery to full scale production. This saves you time and guarantees a smooth transfer of processes to the next volume scale.

Advances in bioreactor washing

The programmable Getinge Ultima Lancer labware washer with specialty wash rack for the multi-use 1-3L bioreactors assures thorough cleaning, better reproducibility and reduced labor.


Applikon bioreactors and fermenters for cell and microbial culture applications excel in quality and modularity, enabling the user to adapt the system to changed process demands. Scale up from laboratory volumes all the way up to production volumes. Next to a vast range of standard off-the-shelf solutions, we offer customized solutions from small scale to full scale production systems. Choose any type of bioreactor, whether it’s single-use, glass autoclavable or stainless steel. There is always a bioreactor that matches your bioprocess.


Bioreactor preparation solution

Multi-use bioreactors commonly used in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, vaccine and biological research require cleaning and subsequent sterilization between same-work sequences or before new applications are initiated.

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Preparation of multi-use bioreactor

Proper preparation of a multi-use bioreactor will increase productivity, reproducibility and avoid process interruptions. This requires a thorough cleaning of the vessel and all associated components.

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Best practices for multi-use bioreactor sterilization

Regardless of whether the bioreactor is being prepared for a same-use application or an entirely different one, all bioreactor components, as well as liquid media, must be made ready through an effective and reproducible process.

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