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Cardiohelp System

Cardiohelp System

Cardiohelp System

A versatile heart-lung support system.


A multi-functional system

Highly portable, the Cardiohelp System can be rapidly deployed for transport of patients requiring respiratory and / or circulatory support.

Cardiohelp System Overview

Application Circulatory Support Pulmonary Support
Disposable HLS Set Advanced 5.0
HLS Set Advanced 7.0
 HLS Set Advanced 5.0
HLS Set Advanced 7.0
Place Cath Lab/ER/OR ER/OR
Duration of Use Up to 6 Hours Up to 6 Hours
Flow HLS 5.0: 0.5-5.0 l/min
HLS 7.0: 0.5-7.0 l/min
HLS 5.0: 0.5-5.0 l/min
HLS 7.0: 0.5-7.0 l/min
Transport Air/ground Air/ground

A portable mechanical
life support system

- anytime, anywhere

The Cardiohelp System can be easily and rapidly deployed at the bedside or in the field, offering patients portable, seamless heart-lung support.

For use in multiple settings

The Cardiohelp System can be used for intra-hospital and interhospital patient transportation in vehicles such as ambulances and aircraft as well as for emergency use outside a clinical environment.

Key features include:

  • Secure installation in any ambulance and various helicopter types
  • Integrated lithium-ion batteries provide at least 90 minutes of operating time when fully charged

A broad variety of transport-specific accessories are available, including mobile holder and base plate for secure fixation of the device or trolley system.

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