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CS300™ IABP with Intellisense™

CS300 IABP from the side
three doctors working with the CS300 IABP

CS300™ IABP with Intellisense™

Intra-aortic balloon pump combining fiber-optic speed with automatic in-vivo calibration.


The CS300, with IntelliSense, combines fiber-optic speed with automatic, in-vivo calibration. The result is faster time to therapy, faster signal acquisition and faster adaptation to rate and rhythm changes.

Flexibility Matters

The CS300 can be used with:

  • Maquet fiber-optic IAB catheters
  • Conventional fluid-filled IAB catheter

Faster Time to Therapy

  • Faster inflation and deflation speed
  • CS300 has true one-button start-up
  • Automatically calibrates the fiber-optic pressure sensor in the patient and recalibrates every 2 hours or sooner should patient or environmental conditions change
  • Automatically evaluates and selects the best lead and trigger source
  • Automatically sets optimal timing
  • Automatically adjusts to changes in patient conditions without clinician intervention

Fiber-optic Pressure Signal Transmission

An electrically isolated, low-level pressure output from the CS300 enables clinicians to send the fiber-optic arterial pressure waveform directly to a patient monitor by simply attaching an appropriate cable.

Unique Automatic In-Vivo Calibration

Maquet has the only fiber-optic IABP and catheter system that automatically calibrates in the patient after insertion and automatically recalibrates in-vivo every two hours or sooner should patient or environmental conditions change.

The Result

Faster time to therapy, ongoing consistency and accuracy of the arterial blood pressure waveform, and improved ease of use.