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Getinge Flat Screen Holder

Getinge Flat sceen holder
Getinge Flat sceen holder
Getinge flat screen holders accommodates larger and heavier flat screens – up to 32 inches, with full HD or 4K visualization, without disrupting your surgical light configuration

Getinge Flat Screen Holder

Conveniently position high-resolution images or data where you want.


During a surgical procedure, nothing should disturb the workflow in the operating room. We ensured that the flat screen holder works seamlessly with surgical lights, ceiling service units (booms) and operating tables for coordinated performance of staff and equipment.


The flat screen monitor holder accommodates larger and more advanced flat screen monitors — up to 32 inches without disrupting your surgical light configuration.

Improving your working environment

Safety through clarity

Bring 4K flat screen imagery to the surgical environment, giving surgeon clear intra-operative visualization of patient tissues.

Application-oriented positioning

Tilt and adjust the flat screens vertically or horizontally to best meet the positioning requirements of each procedure, whether the surgeon is seated or standing.

Prevent interference to improve workflow

The flat screen holder can be ideally positioned during the procedure to not disturb staff or be pushed aside, creating additional space to improve circulating staff activity when screenshare is not needed.

Full coverage of the operating area

Mounted on a standard or Maquet Satelite tube, the screen holder might be placed anywhere within a 4.6 m diameter area centered around the  mounting structure.

Minimize the risk of hospital-acquired infections

The enclosed cable box minimizes the risk of cross-contamination, and the dedicated transformer box reduces accidental disconnection.