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Getinge Lancer Cleaning Chemicals

Getinge Lancer Cleaning Chemicals

Cleaning capabilities for various types of laboratory soils.

Getinge Lancer Cleaning Chemicals includes LancerClean Detergent and LancerAcid Rinse providing an efficient and reliable cleaning process.


The cleaning chemicals are premixed and ready for direct use from the canister to the laboratory dishwasher. Correct dosing is automatically achieved by peristaltic pumps.

The LancerClean detergent is used in the washing phase to remove soil from the goods. The rinse phase follow the wash, where the LancerAcid Rinse is used to neutralize any residue from the dishwasher detergent and also removes mineral deposits, scale and other inorganic soils.

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Versatile detergent for reliable cleaning

LancerClean Detergent is available in three solutions (LCD-P , LCD-S , LCD-H) that are capable of cleaning all different types of contaminants including laboratory soils, organic residues, petroleum applications and other hard to clean soils.

The laboratory detergent is specifically formulated for many types of goods including glassware, surgical instruments and many other labware items.


LCD-P is a potassium hydroxide based solution. LCD-P provides excellent cleaning results for all types of contaminants and standard laboratory soils and is recommended for use in all glassware washers.


LCD-S is sodium hydroxide based and specifically formulated to provide cleaning for the most difficult types of contaminants. LCD-S is used for petroleum applications, "baked-on" organic residues and other hard to clean soils that require a more powerful cleaning agent


A low pH detergent; LCD-H is comprised of a sodium silicate solution. LCD-H is best used for surgical instruments, metals and soils that require a low pH detergent.

Neutralize residues from the detergent

LancerAcid Rinse is a rinsing agent following LancerClean detergent in the wash cycle. LancerAcid provides excellent rinsing on all standard laboratory soils, organics, pharmaceutical based contaminants, petroleum and other difficult soils. Available in three formulas (LCA-A , LCA-C , LCA-P) to suit your specific cleaning requirements.


LCA-A is an acetic based neutralizer providing a reliable rinse to remove residues from the detergent. For use on standard laboratory soils and contaminants.


The citric acid based neutralizer provides a rinse for cleaning processes dealing with organic and pharmaceutical based contaminants.


LCA-P is a phosphoric acid based solution for rinsing of cleaning processes for difficult soils such as petroleum.

Sizes available to meet the capacity of your laboratory

The LancerClean detergent and LancerAcid rinse are available in several container sizes to meet the capacity requirements of your laboratory. All formulas are available in 2.5, 5, 30 and 55 gallon containers.

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