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PulsioFlex Monitoring System with PiCCO Module

PulsioFlex product photo
Product Photo PulsioFlex
Product photo PulsioFlex

PulsioFlex Monitoring System with PiCCO Module

Discover what's been missing in advanced patient monitoring


PulsioFlex® is a flexible platform with intelligent visualization for advanced hemodynamic patient monitoring.

Product Photo PulsioFlex

The life of your critically ill patient depends on making the right therapeutic decision. To achieve this, you need trusted information you can rely on – such as a broad set of reliable hemodynamic parameters so you can determine the best individual treatment for that patient.

PiCCO® technology was introduced in 1997 by Pulsion Medical Systems, which has more than 20 years of experience in hemodynamic monitoring. Since then, the PiCCO technology has been continuously enhanced.

Today, PiCCO technology is the established standard for advanced hemodynamic monitoring and is available with the PulsioFlex Monitoring System and integrated into monitors of the world market leaders in patient monitoring including Philips and GE.


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Complete hemodynamic monitoring:
  • Calibrated real-time CO and stroke volume
  • Determination of preload volume and diagnosis of pulmonary edema
  • Afterload, contractility and volume responsiveness





Pulse contour analysis (continuous)

Cardiac index (CIPC),
Stroke volume index (SVI)
Volume  responsiveness
Stroke volume variation (SVV),
Pulse pressure variation (PPV)
Systemic vascular resistance index (SVRI)
Cardiac power index (CPI)

Thermodilution (discontinuous)

Cardiac index (CITD)
Preload Global end-diastolic volume index (GEDI)
Global end-diastolic volume index (GEDI)
Intrathoracic blood volume index (ITBI)
Cardiac function index (CFI),
Global ejection fraction (GEF)
Organ Function
Extravascular lung water index (ELWI),
Pulmonary vascular permeability index (PVPI)

* after entering SaO2 and Hb