Vascular Graft Tunneler Instrumentation
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Vascular Graft Tunneler Instrumentation

Tunneler Instrumentation

Vascular Graft Tunneler Instrumentation

Innovative, low profile tunneling system


Designed to minimize the soft tissue trauma associated with tunneling [1]

The Vascular Graft Tunneling System is designed to create a subcutaneous tunnel for the placement of a vascular graft in both peripheral and AV access applications.  While the Tunneler System can be used with a graft that does not feature a Slider Graft Deployment System (GDS), this proprietary tunneling system was designed to be most effective when used in conjunction with a GDS graft.  The Tunneler System and its components are made of surgical-grade stainless steel and are designed for multiple reuse when properly maintained.


The Tunneler System comes with 4 Tunneler rod configurations to accommodate both AV loop graft placement and bypass graft placement.

The Tunneler System is designed to interface with the SLIDER GDS and:

  • Minimize soft tissue disruption during the tunneling process by matching the tunnel diameter to the graft diameter [1]
  • Reduce pre-wetting of the graft [1]
  • Reduce complications (Seroma and Pseudoaneurysm) [1]
  • Tunneler rod handles are knurled for better gripping and are equipped with a direction tab to increase control in tunnel placement

An assortment of blunt and pointed tips are available

Peer reviewed published data supporting the clinical benefits observed by physicians who have used the Vascular Graft Tunneling System is available upon request [1]


Tunneling tips feature a large grasping area for easier manipulation.


Creates a tighter tunnel to match graft diameter.

Unique thumb tab provides directional control.

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