Mechanical Ventilation
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Mechanical Ventilation

Easy to use critical care ventilators with tools to help you reduce complications and wean earlier during invasive and non-invasive ventilation; from ICU to intermediate care; and for all patient categories.

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Servo-u Ventilator

The intuitive ICU ventilator that inspires confidence and provides multiple options for protective ventilation. A sol...

Servo-n Neonatal Ventilator

Developed to help you create an ideal environment for newborns to breathe, sleep and grow.

Servo-air® Ventilator

Robust yet versatile. Designed to be moved around the hospital, providing ICU-level support where you need it.

Servo-u MR Conditional Ventilator

Ventilate all patient categories during MR scanning, from invasive and non-invasive ventilation to high-flow therapy...


Ventilation where the patient’s own respiratory drive controls timing and assist delivered by the ventilator.

Servo-i Ventilator

Discontinued in the US. We invite you explore the successor and next generation, Servo-u and Servo-u MR Conditional.

Servo-s Ventilator

Servo-s has been discontinued, but its proven legacy is carried forward in the next generation, Servo-air®. Portable,...