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Vascular and Cardiothoracic Surgery Solutions

Over 50 years of technical and clinical experience in vascular graft technology.

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Heparin coated vascular grafts

Fusion Bioline

Dual-layer construction: ePTFE and PET layers. By adding the benefits of heparin to the unique Fusion dual-layer cons...

ePTFE grafts


Flixene is a unique 3 layer ePTFE graft designed for use in both vascular bypass and AV Access graft applications.

Advanta VXT

Experience Getinge’s VXT graft technology in your next surgical graft placement. The 2-layer construction makes VXT a...

Tunneling solutions

Vascular Tunneler

The Slider GDS tunneling system provides fast graft attachment and insertion.

Slider Graft Deployment System

Provides fast graft attachment and insertion