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15% growth in surgical procedures
2 new ORs needed
1 financial solution

At Getinge, we believe that care environments are better
when everyone is working together. As your partner, we are by
your side every step of the way, working together as one.

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Flexible financing solutions to acquire the Maquet PowerLED II 500 surgical lighting system or Maquet Meera mobile surgical table.

Flexible, cost-effective solutions
designed for you!

Getinge has introduced a number of financial solutions designed to ease any financial burden and help ensure that you are equipped to provide superior patient care.

Partnering with you to realize your financing needs – Getinge Financial Services

Providing your patients with the best-possible healthcare means investing in state-of-the-art medical equipment, which can prove difficult. Our trusted experts at Getinge Financial Services (GFS) help you with the right advice to find the right financing for the right products.

Financing solutions tailored to your needs

There are many ways to finance the purchase of medical equipment. Finding and understanding every available option can be overwhelming when it is not your field of expertise.

Our professional consultants at Getinge Financial Services have many years of experience in providing financial advisory services and will work with you to find the optimal solution for your financial needs. The role of our GFS team is to provide advice and guidance. We act as an enabler, to set up the operations and transactions for your new line of credit and to help you resolve any complex funding issues.

We specialize in a whole range of financing options that cover everything from standard to advanced solutions, and can even be tailored to your specific needs.

Together, we will find the right finance solution for you.

Step by step – financing could not be easier!

Our step-by-step approach is aimed at making the financing process as easy and as transparent for you as possible. Here is how it works:

  1. Your Getinge sales representative contacts Getinge Financial Services (GFS) with your financing request
  2. Our dedicated GFS team works with you and your Getinge sales representative to establish your needs and options. This includes determining the cornerstones of the financing, such as volume, tenor and delivery plan
  3. The GFS team carries out a feasibility analysis, taking into account any business-specific requirements and challenges
  4. Based on this analysis, the GFS team puts together different financing proposals
  5. In close cooperation with your Getinge sales representative,  your GFS contact talks you through the different financing options and helps you to understand each option
  6. You decide on a financing option and accept the proposal
  7. The GFS team prepares the contract documents andpasses them on to you
  8. You sign the contracts
  9. You receive delivery of your Getinge products

Getinge Financial Services - finding the right solution for you

Every day, healthcare facilities like yours use medical devices to help save lives and ensure excellent care. We understand that supporting your providers with the best possible equipment is a priority. This is why we combine our product offering with tailored financial services to make your story a success.

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