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Digital Health

The need to do more with less is truer than ever.  

Digital healthcare enables better care with reduced effort by digitizing best practices, providing real time intelligence and reducing administration. In short, digital health solutions support better patient care and better work conditions for the staff. 

We provide digital solutions that have been developed and optimized for ease of use over many years. Our solutions can be configured to fit every health care provider’s specific demands, ensuring easy adoption and providing real and immediate benefits, ultimately improving the experience for patients and staff.


25 years of providing digital traceability of surgical instruments

When it launched 25 years ago, Getinge’s sterile supply management solution T-DOC was the first solution worldwide offering health care facilities to go from paper-based to fully digital surgical instrument traceability. Since then, Getinge continued to innovate the solution together with customers to meet the growing demands of digitalized health care.


A new solution can shorten surgical wait times, right now

Waiting isn’t working for the millions of people worldwide whose surgeries were delayed by the pandemic. Thanks to new technology, surgery backlogs can be solved and more people feel better faster.

Getinge Tegris OR Integration

Maximize the utilization of your OR

With Tegris, we offer you a flexible, cutting-edge technology that enables you to reduce complexity. You can secure a safe, non-cluttered environment in your ORs without unnecessary cables or the need for multiple remote controls. Video-over-IP is the state-of-the-art solution for an advanced OR.

Software solutions for efficient hospital workflows

Getinge’s suite of hospital efficiency solutions is centered around the patient pathway, supporting work processes for healthcare professionals across departments. Our solutions enable you to capture value and save cost through streamlining and increased resource utilization, helping you deliver the best possible care for patients.

OR Management

Maximize resource utilization and enhance coordination with our Torin OR management solution. We can help you plan, manage and optimize the surgical workflow.

OR Integration

With our Tegris OR integration solution, we deliver video, device and data integration for a simpler, safer and more streamlined working environment.

Sterile Supply Management

From basic to advanced, we offer solutions to simplify processes within surgical asset management. With a T-DOC solution, you have complete traceability and are ensured on-time instrument delivery for surgeries.

Connect your reprocessing equipment in the CSSD

Maximize equipment uptime and get fast, proactive troubleshooting. Getinge Online ensures the highest performance and availability of equipment in the CSSD.


Optimize the surgical workflow

Overview is key to sustainable working conditions for hospital staff. Manage the surgery plan, daily and long-term with Torin.


A comprehensive system for surgical instrument traceability

To ensure patient safety, surgical instruments are sterilized and traced to the patient – always ready in time for the next surgery.

Patient in ICU

Imagine a quiet ICU.
A place for patients to heal and medical teams to thrive.

For Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children in Northern Ireland, connected medical devices are an indispensable tool for improving operation planning.
At Dorset County Hospital, T-DOC has improved instrument turnaround time and the relationship between the CSSD and surgical department.
When technology supports better patient outcomes and hospital efficiency: How do Video-over-IP systems assist the management of images and videos?