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Getinge solutions for your ASC

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We know the possibilities for your ASC.

From continuing shifts in reimbursement rules driving rapid growth of ambulatory surgery centers, to an ever-increasing aging population with healthcare complexities, Getinge has the solutions to help you achieve positive clinical outcomes and ensure operational efficiencies today and tomorrow. 

Getinge can help you deliver the best surgical care with solutions for space design and execution, scheduling and workflows, plus financing that works within your facility’s budget. We offer an unmatched portfolio of capital equipment, complementary products and consumables, and our Getinge Care service helps you maximize the value of your investment. 

A partnership with Getinge will help improve your ASC’s financial performance while promoting safety and optimal patient care. That’s why more and more ASCs are turning to Getinge as a single-source provider of workflow, operating room, and infection control solutions. 

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OR Equipment

Infection Control

We know planning and project management

Whether you’re planning a new location, modernizing your existing facility, or developing an expansion, the Getinge Planning and Design group are ready to partner with you. Our experienced team can help you optimize the long-term usability of your OR and CSD. We offer our clients a full range of services, coordinating projects from start to finish. Our planners help you develop safe and seamless working processes to increase efficiency and profitability.

Once designed and planned, our experienced Project Management Team will help to ensure on-time delivery, efficient implementation, and cost containment for your project. A dedicated project manager works with your IT staff, clinicians, technicians, and third-party systems to ensure smooth implementation.

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We know financial services

As a total solutions provider, Getinge offers you a mix of broad industry commitment and financial expertise that is outstanding in the medical technology sector. We offer financial solutions for a wide-range of our products including:

  • OR Integration and Management Technology
  • Surgical Tables and Lights
  • Ceiling Supply Units
  • Anesthesia Delivery Systems
  • Modular Room Systems
  • Washer-Disinfectors and Sterilizers
  • Daily-use Products and Consumables for CSD

With Getinge Financial Solutions (GFS) as your partner, you can benefit from competitive rates and a solution adapted to your needs. Our strong and long-standing relationships enable us to offer you a wide range of attractive, flexible financing solutions. Both your Getinge sales representative and your GFS contact will support you from your initial product information request, right through to the closing of your project.

We know Service and Support

Getinge Care helps you to achieve optimum performance to maximize the value of your equipment, while helping you avoid operational and financial stress of downtime. Our multi-plan approach to equipment service purchasing provides an extra measure of accountability and cost certainty between Getinge and your ASC biomed staff members. Our service plans are built on preventive maintenance, original spare parts, and certified and experienced service personnel.  

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We know technology

ASCs increasingly rely on technology to support integrated operational strategies. Tegris, T-DOC, Getinge Online, and Torin technologies facilitate total connectivity inside and outside of the OR, working within your existing IT environment.

Yuno II and Variop in a Getinge installation

We know OR equipment and modular room systems

Within Getinge’s broad portfolio of OR equipment and modular room systems, the following products align with the productivity, space and cost requirements of the ambulatory center: multi-disciplinary mobile operating tables, surgical lights, ceiling supply units, anesthesia delivery machines, complementary equipment, and modular room systems.

Getinge 46 Series Wash Racks

We know infection control

Essential to a safe and compliant ASC, Getinge offers reliable washer-disinfectors and industry-leading steam sterilizers, in addition to complementary equipment and consumables that support your infection control processes.


With Torin, managing the surgical flow has never been easier. Prioritize, schedule and reschedule your day-to-day and long-term surgery appointments with real-time surgery updates. See it all in Torin's easy to read, versatile interface inside and outside the OR.

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Torin OptimalQ: Reduce your surgical waiting list

With Torin OptimalQ, you can shrink your surgical backlog by prioritizing surgeries and building an accurate surgery plan.

Read more about Decrease surgical backlog with Torin OptimalQ

Maquet Lyra

Maquet Lyra offers several patient positioning possibilities by offering a wide range of angles and lateral tilt combinations. This delivers increased access in various surgical positions. The manual longitudinal shift improves intraoperative diagnostics and treatment.

Read more about Maquet Lyra

Maquet Meera Portfolio

Premium features, affordable price. A universal mobile table for high-quality care.

Read more about Maquet Meera Portfolio

Maquet Yuno II Mobile Operating Table

Improve outcomes with advanced surgical workflows in orthopedics, traumatology and neurosurgery.

Read more about Maquet Yuno II Mobile Operating Table

Maquet Volista Surgical Light

By enhancing color rendering and minimizing colored cast shadows, Maquet Volista Surgical Lights are designed to maximize the value of your lighting investment.

Read more about Maquet Volista

Maquet Moduevo Operating Rooms solutions

During surgery, every action counts. Healthcare staff want to focus on the patient, not on equipment and utilities. As a highly ergonomic, efficient solution, Maquet Moduevo Ceiling Supply Units allows staff to concentrate on the patients and not on the devices.

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Flow-c Anesthesia Machine

Flow-c is the compact, easy-to-use dynamic workstation, enabling cost-efficient treatment. The compact design is an advantage in a crowded OR with a busy schedule. Despite its small size, it has Flow Family advantages such as high-performance ventilation, precision agent dosing, hypoxia prevention technologies, an intuitive user interface, and several mounting options.

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Tegris manages the operating room – including surgery video routing, music, data management, device operation and customizable settings – through a single system that improves the OR working environment and flow.

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Maquet Variop

The modular room system Maquet Variop allows hospitals to design every aspect of sensitive areas, such as operating rooms, Hybrid OR and the CSSD.

Read more about Maquet Variop

Getinge 46-series

A reliable and efficient washer-disinfector, with suitable accessories to meet your demands for up to 8 DIN trays.

Read more about Getinge 46-series

Getinge 86-series

A smarter range of washer-disinfectors for high-throughput reprocessing

Read more about Getinge 86-series

Getinge 433/533HC-E Series Steam Sterilizers

Optimized for OR/Point-of-use Sterile Processing, Central Sterile Processing (CSSD) and surgery centers

Read more about Getinge 433/533HC-E Series

Inspection & Packing tables

Tables specially designed for sorting, inspection, functional control andpacking of various items for wards, clinics and surgical instrument sets in trays.

Read more about Inspection & Packing tables

Ultrasonic Cleaners

Ultrasonic surgical instrument cleaning systems powered by Ultra Clean Systems, Inc. Distributed exclusively through Getinge.

Read more about Ultraclean Ultrasonic Cleaning Solutions

Getinge Assured SafeStep

The Getinge Assured SafeStep ATP Monitor is a highly accurate Bioluminescence monitor that detects the presence of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) found in all animal, plant, bacterial, yeast and mold cells. Residual blood and bioburden contain large amounts of ATP while microbial contamination contains less.

Read more about Getinge Assured SafeStep ATP Monitor

Sterile Supply Management

T-DOC is the top-of-the-line sterile supply management and traceability solution that brings complete overview and integration to the instrument supply chain for the highest standards of safety and utilization, enabling the best possible care for patients.

Read more about Sterile Supply Management


Getinge offers a complete range of service and aftersales designed to maximize the useful life and long-term value of your investments. We provide the tools to help with your work of caring for people on their way to recovery.

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Financial Services

Providing your patients with the best-possible healthcare means investing in state-of-the-art medical equipment, which can prove difficult. Our trusted experts at Getinge Financial Services (GFS) help you with the right advice to find the right financing for the right products.

Read more about Financial Services

Cleaning Chemistries

Getinge Clean offers a complete, comprehensive range of instrument cleaning detergents and maintenance products to meet all your department needs, providing efficient and economical throughput along with maximum performance.

Read more about Cleaning Chemistries

Wash Monitoring

Our monitors are designed for monitoring cleaning efficiency during the wash process. This minimizes the risk of process errors which can lower the risk of spreading infections in the healthcare environment. Effective cleaning may result in improved patient safety and reduced cost for healthcare facilities.

Read more about Wash Monitoring

Load Release

The Load Release products provide you the assurance that the correct conditions required for effective sterilization have been achieved in the chamber.

Read more about Load Release

Pack Release

When a pack is opened, the OR staff can quickly verify that the conditions for sterilization were achieved and that the instruments and utensils are safe to use in surgical procedures.

Read more about Pack Release

Daily Machine Release

The Bowie-Dick test remains the benchmark for the daily testing of the mechanical air removal function of your vacuum assisted steam sterilizer. This test consists of multiple layers of impedance that challenge the sterilizer's ability to penetrate the pack with steam and successfully remove the air, thereby ensuring the unit can be released for daily use.

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Packaging Solutions

Getinge packaging solutions include Tyvek, Pack Flat and Self-Seal sterilization rolls and pouches for a wide range of sterilization methods.

Read more about Packaging Solutions


The Flow Anesthesia Family brings advanced ventilation performance and safe anesthesia delivery together in one easy to use unit. Designed to ease the daily work, our anesthesia machines will help you to reduce postoperative complications, minimize agent usage and give you more time to treat and care for your patients.

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Thoracic Drainage

Getinge’s Atrium chest drain products provide a full line of operating systems, along with specialty drains and catheters designed to cater to the needs of cardiac, thoracic and pediatric patients as well as a line of mobile drains that can help get your patients ambulatory.

Read more about Thoracic Drainage

Vascular and Cardiothoracic Surgery Solutions

Over 50 years of technical and clinical experience in vascular graft technology.

Read more about Vascular Surgery Solutions

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