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Applikon Cultivation Systems

Upstream bioprocessing

From cell line development to culture expansion of the cells

Creating the right environment for optimal growth of cells and bacteria is key to the production of life-saving products like vaccines all over the world. 

Improving quality of life

Bioreactor systems are essential for manufacturing products that improve the quality of life, such as vaccines, antibodies, body tissues, nutraceuticals, biosimilars, enzymes, bio-fuel and bio-plastics.

By using scalable platforms from initial research through development to full-scale production, the scale-up risks between the different phases can be minimized and time-to-market can be reduced. Partnering with both scientists as well as production staff to help them achieve a better understanding of their upstream bioprocess is a key factor in achieving the desired goals.

Application areas

The diversity of applications calls for a diversity of solutions. Discover how single-use, glass autoclavable and stainless steel bioreactors can be configured to match any application.

Pharmaceutical industry

In the pharmaceutical industry, bioreactor systems support drug development, vaccine production, regenerative medicines, cell & gene therapy.

Industrial biotechnology

In industrial biotechnology, bioreactor systems are being used for research and production of bio-fuels, food & beverages, and bio-chemicals.

Applikon biobundles

These Applikon turnkey bioreactor systems are equipped with all necessary components and accessories to get started right away.

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Applikon bioprocess analytics

In the bioprocess market it is vital to have precise information about the DO, pH value and RedOx potential of the process. Those measurements through various sensors are key to optimize your process and to maximize product yield.

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Applikon bioprocess control

Applikon process control systems offer accurate control of all bioprocess parameters, in combination with simple operation. A large number of sensors can be integrated to deliver optimal performance for your bioprocess.

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Applikon bioprocess software

Software programs, ranging from simple data acquisition programs up to complete scalable automation solutions to turn data into information, support you in monitoring your bioprocess.

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Applikon bioreactors

Applikon bioreactors can easily be configured to match your microbial or cell culture application. They allow your bioprocess to be scaled from initial discovery to full scale production. This saves you time and guarantees a smooth transfer of processes to the next volume scale.

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Applikon perfusion system

For the process of constant feeding of fresh media and removal of spent media while retaining a high number of viable cells, we offer perfusion systems that can be applied in both R&D, process development and on production scale.

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