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Getinge Assured Load Release

Getinge Assured Load Release

The Load Release products provide you the assurance that the correct conditions required for effective sterilization have been achieved in the chamber.

Visión general

By utilizing a process challenge device (PCD) in your sterilizer – such as our Helix tests, biological indicators and test packs – you can rest assured that the conditions required for proper sterilization of the most difficult instruments and sets are being achieved, providing a snapshot of the conditions inside the sterilizer prior to releasing the load.

Product ranges

Load Release for Steam

Load Release for Low Temp


Productos realacionados

Getinge GSS67H

A steam sterilizer reducing your utility consumption but boosts your throughput.

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Daily Machine Release

By verifying the critical process parameters, added assurance is provided that the equipment is sterilizing as expected.

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Pack Release

When a pack is opened, the OR staff can quickly verify that the conditions for sterilization were achieved and that the instruments and utensils are safe to use in surgical procedures.

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Wash Monitors

Used routinely, the wash monitors provide independent verification that the cleaning process is consistently providing the desired cleaning result.

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