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Getinge Aquadis 56

When every inch of your sterile processing department counts...

Count on Aquadis 56

Small Footprint. Big Results.

Designed for Ambulatory Surgery Centers. Designed for hospitals. Designed for YOU.

The next generation of washer-disinfectors is here. At Getinge, we designed the new Aquadis 56 Washer-Disinfectors with a “less is more” mentality. It uses less energy, water, and detergent, all while delivering efficient and effective cleaning of instruments and equipment – allowing you to spend less money over the life cycle of the product.

Getinge Aquadis 56 Washer-Disinfectors


Choose single or pass-through models with manual folding or automatic sliding doors to improve space utilization; compatible with standard storage, transfer, and loading trolleys to ensure economical process flow.

Getinge Aquadis 56 Washer-Disinfector

High-performance cleaning

Dual-pump technology is designed to provide optimized water pressure for efficient cleaning with low water usage.

Getinge 6-level wash cart

High Capacity - up to 8 US Trays

Easily customizable wash carts ensure individual processing needs are met perfectly and adapt to the same wash cart for many different purposes. Just rearrange it for the sizes, volumes or types of load you need to process for the moment.

Getinge Aquadis 56 Washer-Disinfector

Eco-Friendly Features

  • Speed control and dual-circulation pumps use water more efficiently
  • Efficient cycles use less water and energy
  • Precise detergent dosing and dilution minimize waste

Aquadis 56 is designed to meet your Sterile Processing AND Budget KPIs.

Acquire Aquadis 56 for less with our fee per cycle program. Calculate yours now!


The Lean in Clean

1 CE Credit Approved Webinar!

Washer-Disinfectors - despite being the department's daily decontamination workhorses, they are often overlooked as those "magical cleaning boxes" that are taken for granted. But there is more to these devices than just water and soap! Advances in washer-disinfector technology have paved the way for consistent, repeatable, efficient results in device reprocessing. 

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Every sterile processing department is unique

...and so are our washer-disinfectors.

1. Aquadis 56
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We're your expert partner in infection control.

In every category. In every department.

1. Soiled Zone

Receive, sort, pre-clean

After visual inspection, unclean items are either put straight on racks and loaded into the washer-disinfectors or manually cleaned.

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2. Clean Zone

Inspect and pack

On leaving the washer-disinfector, the clean (but not sterile) goods enter the clean zone for sorting, inspection and packing.

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3. Sterile Zone

From Sterilization to the OR

Sterile goods are stored on racks or in storage and distribution trolleys for further transport within the hospital.

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