Getinge 360-degree Services
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We help you deliver better healthcare

We help you deliver better healthcare

Getinge 360-degree Services
– Caring for those who care

Getinge provides 360-degree services – centred around your specific needs – to improve efficiency and create value throughout the entire chain of delivering healthcare. We offer you to combine your services requirements with Getinge and ensure higher quality of care, increased patient safety, equipment uptime, staff satisfaction, and optimized use of resources.

To support you in the best possible way, we offer healthcare services from every angle. Through business value creation and financial solutions, to planning and design of workflows, project implementation, staff training, digital support solutions, and equipment uptime and preventive maintenance services. All coordinated and aligned for your operational and financial goals.


Technical Services Digital Services Education and Training Project Implementation Planning and Design Financial Services Value Creation and Partnership

Getinge Care Technical Services

A Getinge Care service agreement will give you preventive maintenance, original spare parts, easy troubleshooting and proactive technical service by our certified field service reps.

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Getinge Online for Sterile Reprocessing

By connecting Getinge equipment in your facility, Getinge Online brings cycle, life and preventative maintenance data together in one easy to access, easy to read web-based portal accessible from your preferred mobile or desktop devices.

Getinge Financial Services

Financial Services

We offer financing to increase your possibilities to invest in state-of-the-art healthcare – whether it is about building a new surgical facility or getting the best service agreement for your Getinge equipment.


Planning & Design

Drawing from the latest technology in 3D and decades of experience, we help you develop streamlined and efficient hospital workflows and safety for your surgical, ICU and sterile services departments.