Getinge 9100E
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Getinge 9100E

9100e containers in hospital environment

Getinge 9100E

Cart Washer

Our industrial designers have worked with hospitals to address real-world cleaning challenges. Getinge 9100E combines good design and smart solutions to deliver the highest levels of cleaning and efficiency. The cart washer can safely clean and disinfect transport carts, containers, bowls, basins and other bulky items.

9100E and T-DOC. Made for each other.

Improve washer workflow and operational visibility with T-DOC, our sterile supply management and traceability solution.

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Improve efficiency with 9100E

With Getinge 9100E, you can choose from multiple modes of operation: standard water and detergent use, or efficiency mode. Efficiency mode reduces the consumption of water, detergents and energy for cost-effective operation. The increased throughput and reduced operating costs ensure that you maximize the return on your investment.


Effective cleaning

Effective cleaning coverage with 128 spray nozzles.

Improved air barrier

Reduce demands on building ventilation with an improved air barrier that helps maintain differential pressure between zones.

Re-Use technology

Reduce utilities, water and detergent consumption with 9100E re-use technology

Intuitive interface

Safe and easy operation with smart and intuitive Centric user interface.

Technical data

Optimize department throughput and footprint by choosing from six different models.

Measurements - internal
Models   9120E 9125E 9127E 9128E 9128EW 9122EW
Chamber width mm / in 960 / 37.8 960 / 37.8 960 / 37.8 960 / 37.8 1170 / 46.0 1170 / 46.0
Chamber depth mm / in 2000 / 78.7 2500 / 98.4 2700 / 108.3 2850 / 112.2 2850 / 112.2 2200 / 86.6
Chamber height mm / in 2000 / 78.7 2000 / 78.7 2000 / 78.7 2000 / 78.7 2000 / 78.7 2200 / 86.6

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