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Getinge LS 800-Series Steam Sterilizers for Biomedical Research

Getinge LS 800-series
Getinge LS 800-series
Getinge LS 800-series

Getinge LS 800-Series Steam Sterilizers for Biomedical Research

Floor loaded steam sterilizer with large capacity

Getinge LS 800 series steam sterilizers help you achieve predictability, reliable containment and scientific data integrity in biomedical research facilities.

Getinge Sterilizer solutions

Getinge develops manufactures and supports complete sterilizer systems for life science.


Getinge LS 800 Series Steam Sterilizers represent the ultimate refinement in floor loading sterilizers, featuring large-capacity chambers, user-friendly display screens and intuitive controls. The stainless steel chamber and door provides superior corrosion resistance and structural integrity, while the easy-to-use, power operated door facilitates loading and unloading.

The 26.5" wide chamber provides increased loading capacity when processing 24" wide containers. As a replacement unit, the LS 800 Series Steam Sterilizers offer increased chamber loading capacity within the same wall openings and footprints of existing floor loading sterilizers.

Stainless steel pressure vessel

Getinge LS 800 series steam sterilizer is a solid and reliable sterilizer. Machine parts are carefully selected for function and uptime. The fascia panels have a vertical grain brush and satin finish for easy cleaning and uniform appearance, and the pressure vessel inner surface is highly polished for easy cleaning. The hinged, swing door saves space and minimize the overall installation footprint.

Environmentally friendly operation

Getinge Water Saver System is intended for use on Getinge LS series steam sterilizers with ejector assisted air removal and gravity displacement.

The water consumption can be reduced by up to 95%, depending on load and cycle selection, without affecting the sterilization performance

Loading Equipment

Getinge LS800 series steam sterilizers loading equipment are designed with ergonomics and process considerations in mind. The loading equipment are constructed for durability in stainless steel. The loading system is an integral part of efficient and user-friendly operation. They provide ease of movement and are designed for efficient loading and transfer of goods.

Operator friendly interface

Getinge LS 800 series steam sterilizers are designed around a proven concept that emphasizes easy handling. The user-friendly, ergonomic display and intuitive HMI make it easy to use and ensures operator together with process safety in a controlled environment.

Technical data

Model length

One cart,
42" (1067mm)

Two cart,
76" (1930mm)


Gravity and vacuum steam

Gravity and vacuum steam

Chamber width

26.5" (672mm)

26.5" (672mm)

Chamber height

62" (1575mm)

62" (1575mm)

Chamber footprint

39.6 Cu Ft (1120L)

72 Cu Ft (2040L)